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WORLD PREMIERE Rotterdam Film Festival
Homage at Dinard Film Festival, France
Cinema Arab Film Festival, Amsterdam
Tiblisi International Film Festival, Georgia
Cinema Auteur de Rabat Film Festival, Morocco
LUFF (London Film Focus), London
Olympia Film Festival, Greece
Kerala Film Festival, India

Feature Film

Director and Writer Barney Platts-Mills


Zohra: A Moroccan Fairytale, is a portrait of ZOHRA, a 14-year old village girl in Morocco who lives a simple rural life of routine. She is oblivious to an existence other than what she knows. But when she is pressured to marry an older wealthier man, Zohra starts questioning her desires. Soon she meets 17-year old runaway IBRAHIM, who is hiding in the village waiting to take an illegal boat to Spain. Ibrahim offers Zohra a dream that is everything: exciting, adventurous, romantic and unfamiliar. Stormy weather delays Ibrahim’s voyage and the young couple share a fugitive love affair, dreaming of running away together before reality intrudes.

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